RSS Feed Readers

May 9, 2009

I’ve been using the Google RSS Reader pretty much since the day it was announced. It more or less rocks and is the only reader I’ve found that allows me to efficiently scan hundreds of feed items on a daily basis.  I tried NewsFire for a few days, but given that I read news on multiple computers, syncing them was a pretty big issue. So much for non-web readers.

Last week, I read this horrible article on how Twitter can be a substitute for RSS. Right, good luck with that. If you’re keeping up to date by relying on people to sum up their blogs in 140 characters and using URL shorteners, you pretty much fail as a technologist. Twitter is an interesting tool in the arsenal, but it’s hardly a replacement for RSS.

While I’m actually dumber for having read through that entire post, it did make me ask the question “can I do better than reader?” Enter Feedly. It’s far from perfect and it’s based on Firefox extensions (*cough* Safari *cough*), but it’s the first attempt I’ve seen at improving reader. Assuming the developers keep going, it might turn into a useful tool. It finally got me to switch my browser homepage away from