The White Shirt

May 9, 2009

For the past few months, I’ve been training at the downtown San JoseĀ  Shamrock MMA school a few times a week. It’s a lot more interesting than trainingĀ  Muy Thai at Fairtex was. I think it’s mainly due to the complexity of MMA and the way that Fairtex was set up; it just didn’t mesh with my training style. I’ve combined that training with some Yoga classes and some strengthening and conditioning work from Lori at Body Architecture.

Last weekend, I took my first exam for my white shirt. It brought back a lot of memories from middle school karate testing. Now, like then, I passed qutie easily. I give a lot of credit to our instructor Jesse, who prepared us pretty well.

If anyone is interested in doing some training, come on down to the San Jose Athletic Club on Tuesday/Thursday nights, we’re always happy to work out with new people.


A New Beginning

May 9, 2009

My last post on “A Day in the Valley” was over two years ago. Why so long? I fell into the trap of ‘who wants to read what I write?’ Pretty much sums up the business plans of Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, insert favorite social media site.

So I decided to start fresh, with no content, and a new site over here on WordPress.