Shamrock Mixed Martial Arts

May 31, 2009

I’ve been pretty quiet posting lately, but I thought I’d just spend a post going into a little more detail on the MMA training. As mentioned perivously, I’ve been training MMA at Frank Shamrock’s gym. Early on, I was training mainly at the downtown SJAC location, but my time lately seems to be split between downtown and the school in Blossom Hill.

Tuesdays and Thursdays I’m at the Apex Gym @ SJAC doing my Phase I MMA training with Jesse, our trainer. Mondays and Wednesdays I’m doing conditioning classes and Yoga at Blossom Hill with Lori. Lori is Frank’s conditioning coach as well as being the general manager of both the Blossom Hill school and the South Bay Athletic Club. Lori is one of the more amazing people I’ve trained with. Her knowledge of nutrition, conditioning, yoga, rehabilitation, etc is mind boggling. I’ve dropped several pounds already, as well as having better posture, better diet, and she’s worked wonders on all the little injuries that occur from time to time.

After three and a half months of training, I easily passed my first rank test for my white shirt, thanks to Jesse and my training partner Chuck. The difference between where I’m at now and where I started in January is pretty amazing.¬† The first night of class, I waited till everyone was gone, then promptly threw up. That happened a few more times that first month as well.¬† I still get a bit dizzy during the tumbling drills, but everyone assures me that it will go away eventually.

We’re always looking for more members in Phase I, so if you’ve ever wondered about MMA training, swing on by. We’re happy to give anyone a free intro class. If you’re lucky, you might even show up when Frank comes in to guest instruct.

Tuesday Night Phase I

Update: A big thanks to Derek @ Derek Shaw Photo for taking all the pictures of the various MMA events. The full selection can be found here.


Vibram FiveFingers

May 9, 2009

One of the first things I started working on in my conditioning classes was the the fact that I have flat feet. Apparently it was throwing off my balance, posture, and the cause of a small amount of foot pain in my left foot. I switched over to some really nice (expensive) inserts from REI at the recommendation of my conditioning coach. I have to admit, once I started getting used to them, they slowly started adjusting  my stance and oddly enough, my foot pain disappeared. Okay, consider me sold on the concept of fixing my flat feet.

During my daily persuing of the ever increasing number of blogs I stay up on, I caught Tim’s post on the Vibram FiveFinger shoes. Okay, I get it. An entire shoe (sort of) based on the concept of fixing all the things that modern shoes have broken. Not to mention they are way freaky looking which is sometimes a plus. While I’m not sure I’d wear them out to a nice restaurant or even a nightclub, for training or work or just tooling around the valley? Sign me up. What else could I do? So I grabbed some friends and headed to a local store to try a pair on. They’re actually pretty comfortable, especially given the fact that the ones I tried on were a size to small. So I ordered a pair from Vibram. I’ll throw up another post after I’ve worn them for a few days.