Windows 7 Test Drive

After celebrating Mother’s Day with the in-laws, I had some time to kill while Yanira was napping. I decided to install Windows 7 under Fusion so I could be thankful for what I don’t have to deal with down the road.

Following the VMware blog here, I got it up and running pretty quickly. Sigh @ having to install anti-virus software for an OS that hasn’t even shipped yet. Microsoft should just include it by default.

I still see the constant rebooting every time something gets installed..yay. It’s 2009, once would think they would have fixed that by now.

Windows 7

Update: After several reboots for patching, I installed a beta version of some anti-virus software. It repeatedly went into a never ending hang, requiring reboots. Anyone else think it’s odd when a single program causes the entire OS to hang?


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