Shamrock Mixed Martial Arts

May 31, 2009

I’ve been pretty quiet posting lately, but I thought I’d just spend a post going into a little more detail on the MMA training. As mentioned perivously, I’ve been training MMA at Frank Shamrock’s gym. Early on, I was training mainly at the downtown SJAC location, but my time lately seems to be split between downtown and the school in Blossom Hill.

Tuesdays and Thursdays I’m at the Apex Gym @ SJAC doing my Phase I MMA training with Jesse, our trainer. Mondays and Wednesdays I’m doing conditioning classes and Yoga at Blossom Hill with Lori. Lori is Frank’s conditioning coach as well as being the general manager of both the Blossom Hill school and the South Bay Athletic Club. Lori is one of the more amazing people I’ve trained with. Her knowledge of nutrition, conditioning, yoga, rehabilitation, etc is mind boggling. I’ve dropped several pounds already, as well as having better posture, better diet, and she’s worked wonders on all the little injuries that occur from time to time.

After three and a half months of training, I easily passed my first rank test for my white shirt, thanks to Jesse and my training partner Chuck. The difference between where I’m at now and where I started in January is pretty amazing.  The first night of class, I waited till everyone was gone, then promptly threw up. That happened a few more times that first month as well.  I still get a bit dizzy during the tumbling drills, but everyone assures me that it will go away eventually.

We’re always looking for more members in Phase I, so if you’ve ever wondered about MMA training, swing on by. We’re happy to give anyone a free intro class. If you’re lucky, you might even show up when Frank comes in to guest instruct.

Tuesday Night Phase I

Update: A big thanks to Derek @ Derek Shaw Photo for taking all the pictures of the various MMA events. The full selection can be found here.


OS X 10.5.7

May 13, 2009

Just finished upgrading to the latest 10.5.7 release for OS X. I haven’t noticed any particular problems or improvements. My favorite part of the patch notes has to be the following line:

  • Addresses a situation that may cause issues when logging into Gmail.

I really hope that’s a WebKit or Safari fix and not something else in the OS. While I’m a big fan of Gmail in particular, I really don’t want it built into my OS. I use Safari 4 beta, webkit nightlies, and firefox as my daily browswers, so I didn’t pick up any revision changes to the production Safari installation. Anyone have any further info? Extra kudos if someone can get me the check-in message that says “Gmail fix” for the offending peice of code.

Windows 7 Test Drive

May 10, 2009

After celebrating Mother’s Day with the in-laws, I had some time to kill while Yanira was napping. I decided to install Windows 7 under Fusion so I could be thankful for what I don’t have to deal with down the road.

Following the VMware blog here, I got it up and running pretty quickly. Sigh @ having to install anti-virus software for an OS that hasn’t even shipped yet. Microsoft should just include it by default.

I still see the constant rebooting every time something gets installed..yay. It’s 2009, once would think they would have fixed that by now.

Windows 7

Update: After several reboots for patching, I installed a beta version of some anti-virus software. It repeatedly went into a never ending hang, requiring reboots. Anyone else think it’s odd when a single program causes the entire OS to hang?

Vibram FiveFingers

May 9, 2009

One of the first things I started working on in my conditioning classes was the the fact that I have flat feet. Apparently it was throwing off my balance, posture, and the cause of a small amount of foot pain in my left foot. I switched over to some really nice (expensive) inserts from REI at the recommendation of my conditioning coach. I have to admit, once I started getting used to them, they slowly started adjusting  my stance and oddly enough, my foot pain disappeared. Okay, consider me sold on the concept of fixing my flat feet.

During my daily persuing of the ever increasing number of blogs I stay up on, I caught Tim’s post on the Vibram FiveFinger shoes. Okay, I get it. An entire shoe (sort of) based on the concept of fixing all the things that modern shoes have broken. Not to mention they are way freaky looking which is sometimes a plus. While I’m not sure I’d wear them out to a nice restaurant or even a nightclub, for training or work or just tooling around the valley? Sign me up. What else could I do? So I grabbed some friends and headed to a local store to try a pair on. They’re actually pretty comfortable, especially given the fact that the ones I tried on were a size to small. So I ordered a pair from Vibram. I’ll throw up another post after I’ve worn them for a few days.

RSS Feed Readers

May 9, 2009

I’ve been using the Google RSS Reader pretty much since the day it was announced. It more or less rocks and is the only reader I’ve found that allows me to efficiently scan hundreds of feed items on a daily basis.  I tried NewsFire for a few days, but given that I read news on multiple computers, syncing them was a pretty big issue. So much for non-web readers.

Last week, I read this horrible article on how Twitter can be a substitute for RSS. Right, good luck with that. If you’re keeping up to date by relying on people to sum up their blogs in 140 characters and using URL shorteners, you pretty much fail as a technologist. Twitter is an interesting tool in the arsenal, but it’s hardly a replacement for RSS.

While I’m actually dumber for having read through that entire post, it did make me ask the question “can I do better than reader?” Enter Feedly. It’s far from perfect and it’s based on Firefox extensions (*cough* Safari *cough*), but it’s the first attempt I’ve seen at improving reader. Assuming the developers keep going, it might turn into a useful tool. It finally got me to switch my browser homepage away from

The White Shirt

May 9, 2009

For the past few months, I’ve been training at the downtown San Jose  Shamrock MMA school a few times a week. It’s a lot more interesting than training  Muy Thai at Fairtex was. I think it’s mainly due to the complexity of MMA and the way that Fairtex was set up; it just didn’t mesh with my training style. I’ve combined that training with some Yoga classes and some strengthening and conditioning work from Lori at Body Architecture.

Last weekend, I took my first exam for my white shirt. It brought back a lot of memories from middle school karate testing. Now, like then, I passed qutie easily. I give a lot of credit to our instructor Jesse, who prepared us pretty well.

If anyone is interested in doing some training, come on down to the San Jose Athletic Club on Tuesday/Thursday nights, we’re always happy to work out with new people.

A New Beginning

May 9, 2009

My last post on “A Day in the Valley” was over two years ago. Why so long? I fell into the trap of ‘who wants to read what I write?’ Pretty much sums up the business plans of Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, insert favorite social media site.

So I decided to start fresh, with no content, and a new site over here on WordPress.